our diy kitchen renovation reveal

Hello! It’s been a while, but for good reason! We have been working so hard on our home over the past few weeks. We have a new laminate floor that I am so in love with and now we have a kitchen that feels like new!

Tonight, I am excited to share our finished (for now..) kitchen!

First, let’s begin with the inspiration / “mood board” for the space:

The main elements are probably obvious, but my priorities for the reno were

light countertops (completed in 2017)
stainless steel appliances (purchased and installed in 2017)
farmhouse sink (completed in 2017)
black hardware (completed in 2019)
dark floors (completed in 2019)
tile backsplash (completed in 2017)

We have been working on this kitchen for a little over 2 years total. We started with the appliances and the farmhouse sink. Our gorgeous white sink was under $300 at Home Depot at the time. Then I PAINTED the countertops (see the amazing faux marble transformation here). We also did a peel and stick tile to match the countertop. (Which proved difficult since our 50+ year old home has very wonky walls!) I was happy enough with the progress we made then (and we had other money priorities on the horizon), so we lived happily with that until a few months ago when we decided to install a new laminate floor and paint our cabinets.

Here is a photo from before we moved in, when we were just starting the renovation:

our diy kitchen renovation reveal

You know that line “started from the bottom now we’re here”? .. That’s what this before and after feels like to me. Even though it was pretty inexpensive ;) I will be writing a post on all the ways we saved money on this project, so stay tuned!

our diy kitchen renovation reveal

It feels so different in there now! So much lighter and brighter and, somehow, bigger. We love how it turned out. All the hard work was well worth it.

diy kitchen renovation reveal
diy kitchen renovation reveal
diy kitchen renovation reveal
diy kitchen renovation reveal

I am still in awe in how different this room feels. It is such a dream to cook in it with my sweet hubs every night. I love it so much, but I have a fewww more ideas for this space to make it perfect:

black light fixtures + doing something with that fluorescent light nightmare
pretty boho runner ( I super want a
Ruggable rug, saving up for one now!)
butcher block countertops -I love my diy painted ones, but I know it won’t last forever. Plus, I love contrast.
tile backsplash -this will help with the wonky wall situation, I am loving blues + geometric patterns lately

Here is my moodboard for the final phase of our renovation. We aren’t in a hurry for these changes because I love the kitchen the way it is now and we have some travel that is taking priority in our budget. I am constantly pinning new inspiration on Pinterest, so be sure to follow along!

diy kitchen renovation reveal

What do you think of our diy transformation? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram!